Feel the Power

Feel the Power

This was a breathtaking display of empathy and validation for the very customers the brand loves: women. To quote the campaign’s mission strategy: “To make women feel comfortable in the skin they are in, to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety.” Pure empathy.

“Real Beauty” allowed Unilever and their agency partners to open up a frank discussion about the definition of “beauty” and championed the notion of self-esteem – so vitally important to women (and men) of any age. And might we add, women who use Dove products. All of this may seem obvious now. That’s what big ideas do … They make the conclusions appear easy and obvious, when in fact, they take time and work to arrive at. In Dove’s campaign, they excelled in each of points we listed above. And Ad Age considers the campaign one of the best of all time.

In a world which is seemingly becoming wrapped in barbed wire, empathy wields even more power for smart brand builders.

How should you consider your own brand in light of this discussion? Ask yourself:

  1. Does your brand have true empathy for your customer?
  2. For that matter, do you truly know your customer?
  3. And if asked, would your customer say that your brand understands them? Even anticipates their needs?
  4. Do you reach your customer on their terms, and in their language?
  5. Are you fully engaged with your customer at every point of contact?

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Credit : Brand Strategy Insider 2016